Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Downtown Jersey Construction Updates

Over the past year, there's been a lot of construction going on in Downtown Jersey City as more and more restaurants move in. A couple have opened up, but here's an update on some of the ones we're still waiting for.

Raval - Advertised as an authentic Spanish Tapas Bar & Lounge, Raval is taking over the former Synergy Gym space on Newark Avenue. They don't have a set opening date yet, but are in the midst of construction  and hope to open by mid-December.

Porta -  The opening of Porta on Newark Avenue in Jersey City has been eagerly anticipated for quite some time. They've already got a very popular location in Asbury Park and although Jersey City has a pretty solid pizza scene, I think this will be an excellent addition, especially with things like their vegan pizza and rooftop bar. After a few delays, Porta is now hoping to open up in October.

SOUTH HOUSE - Also opening on Newark, SOUTH HOUSE is currently planning on opening in the late fall (I feel this might be overly optimistic based on the level of construction that seems to be going on but hey), but they don't have a specific date as of yet. They did assure me they'll keep providing the community with updates. In the meantime, this is an idea of what we can expect: "SOUTH HOUSE Bar and Restaurant brings "SIMPLE SOUTHERN" to Jersey City; fusing Austin flavor with the gritty soul of the south. The SOUTH HOUSE experience is a perfect mix of the best of the south; serving killer cocktails made with brown spirits, tequilas’ and mezcals’... ice cold brew and southern eats. Its 3-tier multi-level open floorplan design and music inspired decor, will give each patron an individual taste of a "SIMPLE SOUTHERN" setting with a twist. The SOUTH HOUSE Courtyard "The Porch," Main Bar & Dining Room, Rooftop Bar...& the Rec Room." They will have live music, but not a lof of detail on that yet.  SOUTH HOUSE is going to be offering up previews of what they'll be serving at this weekend's All About Downtown Street Fair, so make sure you stop by.

The Big Straw - Opening on 1st street between Newark Ave and Jersey Ave, The Big Straw has been showing up at events around town throughout the summer and hope to open within the next two weeks or so. They'll be offering up a wide variety of teas, including bubble teas, and asian-style snacks including ramen, pot stickers, and mochi. 

Talde JC & Carrino Provisions - Another highly anticipated opening in Jersey City, Talde JC will be an offshoot of Talde in Brooklyn while Carrino Provisions will be more of a cafe & restaurant with a specialty market attached, all focused on fresh, quality ingredients. While there isn't a specific opening date yet, they're aiming for the end of fall. 

Pasta Dal Cuore - Taking over the former Europa Meat Market spot on Jersey Avenue, Pasta Dal Cuore is being opened by an alum of Eataly and will feature fresh pastas made in-store available to take home. The store is going through its last couple rounds of inspections and is anticipating opening on Jersey Avenue by the end of next week. Look for a more complete profile on the store later this week!


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  2. Pasta Dal Cuore just opened one week ago! 527 Jersey Ave.

    1. Thank you! I actually wrote an update about it the day before they opened. You can check it out here: