Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hamilton Pork Staffing Changes

Despite having been open for just over a month, Hamilton Pork is already facing a major change.

The head chef, Jon Vitiello, formerly of Thirty Acres, has resigned his position and is no longer cooking at Hamilton Pork. It seems the departure came about after disagreements with management over the menu and direction of the restaurant. This is a big loss to face this early on and as a result, we may be seeing some more changes overall in the near future. 


  1. Ive been here 2x. Once it was good, once it was bad which the owners rectified.

    But thats a shame. Its BBQ, the more straightforward, the better. Something the constantly fly-by-night JC restaurant industry never seems to grasp.

    I agree with the chef that this place doesnt need a "Mexican Flare" in its offerings.

    But who knows whose to blame. Egos man....egos.

    1. I'm glad to hear the owners rectified the bad experience - that goes a long way.

      I don't know the details of the situation, but I do tend to agree that in BBQ, straightforward is better.

  2. Oi, sorry to hear that. I like the food (even if it is a bit pricey). Hopefully they can get is settled in.