Friday, August 22, 2014

A Day at the Farmers Market in Lincoln Park

Last week, I went to Lincoln Park to visit the Farmers' Market that started up this year. Lincoln Park is one of my favorite areas of Jersey City and the Farmers' Market is just one more (excellent) reason why.

It's a relatively small market that usually has about 14 vendors, but it's busy and there's a pretty wide variety in what they offer. There wasn't a stand I walked by that I didn't want to pick up something. 

Patrons of other Farmers' Markets in Jersey City will recognize several stalls including ModCup and Raritan Bakery. El Chilango has become a regular fixture, serving up breakfast and lunch from their bright yellow cart. In addition to the stands, there are also community activities planned like this upcoming Sunday's Crochet Class led by local artist Amy Wilson.

Whether you're new to this part of Jersey City or you've lived there forever, this market is worth exploring.

PS - this is everything I brought home including some really good pickled pineapple and incredible foccacia


  1. Thanks for posting! I still haven't been to this market- looks like a great visit!