Friday, February 6, 2015

Dullboy Bar

When Park and Sixth moved from their original location at 364 Grove Street to their new location, 279 Grove Street, the big question was: what's moving in?

Well, the answer is here!

Park and Sixth owner and chef Brian Dowling decided to expand his rapidly-growing empire by keeping the space and partnering with the team behind NYC's The Garret to bring a new cocktail bar, dullboy, to Jersey City.

Given the heavy "The Shining" reference with the name and typewriter logo, as well as several decor shots, it's pretty clear that dullboy is aiming for more of an old-school, dim, heavily-wooded classic bar feel of which I am entirely in favor. There aren't a lot of places in Jersey City with a truly well-crafted cocktail list and I'm ready for that to change.

While the creative minds at The Garret will be focusing on the drinks side of things (expect good, upscale but not trendy cocktails), the kitchen at Park and Sixth will be working on a small accompanying menu to help soak up a few of those drinks you will surely be having.

I've walked by a few times and work seems to be going at a pretty rapid pace. While the old Park and Sixth lettering is still mostly up, so is the new name and a few quick peeks inside have definitely shown significant progress in a short period of time. As of now, they anticipate opening within the next two weeks or so.

Welcome to Jersey City, dullboy!

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