Thursday, February 19, 2015

More Delivery Services in Jersey City!

Delivery is a pretty big deal in Jersey City, especially these last couple weeks as temperatures have frequently dropped to the single digits. But as much as the restaurant scene around here is exploding, delivery options still leave a lot to be desired with limited choices and delivery areas.

Well, now it looks like we've got some changes coming. A couple of weeks ago, twitter friend Joel/nemobeatz told me about a couple of alternative delivery options based in Jersey City: FastBoy Delivery and The FooDeliveryBoss, As more locally based and specialized delivery services, they offer different and more unique services than say, your typical or Seamless.

The FooDelivery Boss is the newer of the two and while they only seem to be delivering to the extended Downtown area for now, it offers delivery from a number of Jersey City restaurants that don't typically deliver. Another major feature is that it will pick up delivery from multiple stops for only a dollar more per pick-up - nice if you're dealing with picky eaters, can't make up your mind, or are just feeling gluttonous. Do be warned, however, the fees are definitely on the higher side with the cheapest delivery having a $3.50 fee attached for same area delivery. They work off a zone system so depending on what zone you're ordering from and where you are, it can be as much $4.50, but for more personalized and reliable service as well as the restaurant options they offer, it can be worth it.

FastBoy Delivery serves a far wider range including all over Jersey City, Hoboken, and Bayonne and are willing to accommodate other areas for a change in fee. They will allow you to order from up to two places, but you must meet both restaurants' minimums and pay the delivery fees for both. They seem to have a pretty strong focus on Asian restaurants currently, but the list of options continues to grow and again, they list a number of places that don't typically provide delivery. It is a bit unique in that it asks you to pick a delivery time, but if you need to schedule something in advance, this is a handy feature. Again, the delivery fee can be a bit more than going through one of the major websites, but for more variety and a wider delivery range, it may still be the right choice.

Mordi's Schnitzel Truck actually announced this week that they are now using FastBoy Delivery for delivery during their lunch and dinner service so now you don't have to make it to wherever the truck is to enjoy getting some schnitzel! This kind of flexibility and service is what makes these two delivery services so useful to the area  and sets them apart from Seamless/GrubHub/ etc. - they really expand options without compromising service.

Both services can have orders placed online or over the phone and accept credit cards.

If anyone gives either of them a try, I'd love to hear how it went.


  1. I am glad that Fastboy was mentioned in your article. I ordered from Fastboy a few months back for my kids party and I can say that the delivery was indeed fast. They did not charge me twice for delivery even though I ordered from two Filipino restaurants though.

    1. I'm glad to hear you had a good experience - everyone I've talked to so far has said they were really impressed with Fastboy's services. Thanks!

  2. Hi! I have used FastBoy Delivery several times and they have never failed in satisfying delivery times. The people answering their lines are very accomodating and very helpful whenever I call. I remember one time, they called me up to inform me that a certain restaurant's kitchen was pretty loaded with dine in orders, and that my order may take an additional 10 minutes to arrive. However, the delivery was still on time! I guess they have good coordination with the restaurants they provide services to. I do not mind paying the $4 delivery fee. My food comes warm and ready to be devoured! By the way, the delivery fee is still $4 no matter how many restos you order from. I also like the fact that FastBoy supports local businesses, including a laundry service (JC Eco Laundry). I hope your blog reaches out to more Jersey City residents and Bayonne residents and may they get to enjoy FastBoy's services. Very good blog! Keep it up!