Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tortilla Soup at Taqueria Downtown

Several weeks ago, I went to Taqueria Downtown for the first time in a long time and when I was there, I saw they had some new additions to the menu including several new fillings for tacos like beef tongue, flank, and head.

However, I decided to really go outside my standard order (tacos. always tacos.) and try the tortilla soup. I've always liked tortilla soup, but this was far and away one of the best I've had.

(sorry about the quality of the picture. It was incredibly dark outside, incredibly dark inside, and I was sitting far away from any sort of light source)

The soup was rich and comforting; tomato-based with a lot of spicy, smokey pepper flavors and enhanced with the addition of crema fresca and a bit of shredded cheese scattered on the top. The avocado and tortilla chips in the broth helped add a bit of bulk to the soup and smoothed out some of the spicier flavors although the tortilla strips did get a bit soggy pretty quickly. The final lingering flavor was a refreshing lime taste that prevented the richness of the soup from being overwhelming.

I really enjoyed the soup and while it was pretty filling, I would advise adding a taco or two...mainly just because they're delicious. I know we're pretty close to being out of soup season, but while temperatures are on the lower side, think about deviating from your typical order at Taqueria and having the tortilla soup. It's worth it.

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