Friday, September 11, 2015

Greene Hook Opens to the Public

(photo from Greene Hook Press Release)

Greene Hook, the new restaurant from Light Horse Tavern owner Bill Gray, is set to officially open  to the public at 70 Greene Street tomorrow, Saturday, 9/12. The bar will be open, drinks will be flowing, and they are going to debut their signature dish, a mangalitsa pork burger (mangalitsa pork comes from a special breed of domestic pig, usually humanely raised,  and is a well-marbled, very flavorful and juicy meat reminiscent of beef but with more pork flavor) topped with bacon.

The restaurant itself is quite spacious, has a shuffleboard table, bar seating, reclaimed wood floors and handcrafted tables.

Executive Chef David Drake is at the helm after spending some time refining the Light Horse menu, and he's creating a modern, updated American feel and menu where specialty ingredients will be paired with the every day to create a memorable but changing menu. Other items like a pork belly with kimchi dish, duck meatballs, and handmade arepas have already been announced.

As mentioned in my post about new construction around Jersey City, Greene Hook has been holding closed dinners and cocktail parties for the past few evenings so they should be set-up and ready, but new restaurants always have a few kinks to work out, so be prepared and be ready to face some crowding as this been a long-awaited addition to the neighborhood.

Congratulations Greene Hook!

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