Monday, January 26, 2015

Snowpocalypse or Whatever It's Called 2015: Who Is Open?

In all honesty, I don't recommend going out tonight and probably not tomorrow night either. It does not seem great outside and falling is embarassing.

BUT, if you forgot/willfully chose not to because eh, it's a hassle, to stock up before the storm, here's a list of what is confirmed open tonight and/or tomorrow in Jersey City.

UPDATED TUESDAY: Ok, so this blizzard didn't turn out to be a blizzard. It is still snowing outside, so hopefully you still get to enjoy a snow day. Jersey City is ready for you!

Hamilton Inn - Open.  They are serving their restaurant week menu.
Thirty Acres - Having a pretty great-sounding midday Hunker Party from 12pm-4pm with beer, wine, and $10 hunker snacks.
9th and Coles - Open beginning around 11am with limited kitchen service
The Kitchen at Grove Station - open tonight and serving a special Snow Day Brunch from 9am-3pm tomorrow. The modcup cafe will be open beginning at 7am
Koro Koro - open regular hours
Amelia's Bistro - open for regular hours, no matter what.
Bone - In - willing to deliver this week's menu of Wild Boar Stew as long as they can drive safely
ME Casa - open and willing to deliver (ed. note - if you get delivery, please please tip well)
Pint - still serving drinks today and tomorrow
Thirsty Quaker - open tonight and planning to be open tomorrow but stock is running low (what else do you do during a snow storm but drink?)
Sam a.m. -  Open Tuesday beginning at 6:30 am.
modcup - open for all your caffeine needs.
9 Bar Cafe - open beginning at noon
HopsScotch - open from 11:30am on
Rustique Pizza - open with limited delivery.
Downtown Yogurt - open beginning at noon
White Star - open
Carrino Provisions - the illy coffee bar is open with pastries. No word on anything else.
Porta - the main kitchen is closed now, but they are still making pizzas and serving drinks tonight. Open and fully operational, normal hours.
The Big Straw - open and delivering
Edward's Steak House - open tonight and serving their restaurant week menu
Tea NJ - open and today is 2 for Tuesday - buy one, get one free
Barcade - open with hot buttered rum and hot toddys
Park and Sixth - both locations are open
Warehouse - open with ping pong
Brightside Tavern - open tonight with $10 dinner specials and Happy Hour all night. Probably open Tuesday.
Razza - open tonight for at least a few hours with $5 snow gin and tonics
Iron Monkey - Open for tonight, no word on Tuesday
Nu Bar - per Facebook, they are open.

Closed - unless I put it under confirmed open, it's safe to assume it's closed, but here's a list of places that specified they would be closed:

Battello, Left Bank Burger Bar, Cocoa Bakery, Do You Tea, Satis Bistro, Third & Vine, Zeppelin Hall, La Conguita

I will continue to update the list as I hear more. Stay safe and warm out there, Jersey City!

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