Tuesday, April 21, 2015

BBQ is Coming to Jersey City!

Exciting news for Jersey City -  a new Portuguese restaurant and barbecue is coming to town! Thanks to Blossom for the tip on Instagram.

Image result for carvao bbq

Carvao BBQ is opening at 686 Bergen Avenue near McGinley Square and will have open pit barbecue, a full bar, and based off the pictures, a great amount of space to host everyone. McGinley Square is an up and coming neighborhood in Jersey City, but has yet to see much new development in the way of restaurants and neighborhood spots, so this is a welcome addition. Plus, barbecue is one area of food that is fairly lacking in Jersey City, so let's hope Carvao will help fill the void.

They will serve all sorts of barbecued meats like chicken, different cuts of beef and pork, but also salads, wraps, and soup. And again, full bar. They will also have free wifi and large screen TVs (I'm assuming they'll lean more towards a sports bar feel during major games).

They don't have an opening date yet, but it should be soon. They're all set-up and are just waiting for the official OK from the city. In the meantime, enter your email on their website to receive a discount.

Congratulations to Carvao BBQ!


  1. The owners are clueless !!!!!!!
    I can only imagine what the food will be like.

    No harm intended. However, This style of cooking must be prepared properly, or else it can become a nightmare.
    My bet is ? They have no shot

    1. I hope that's not the case - we could really use something like this. Have you spoken with the owners?

    2. @Anonymous I am hoping you are dead-wrong! By the looks of their website, Facebook & Twiiter, they look like the real deal. The food pictures they have been posting (along with pics of their smokers, etc) are amazing. I peeked my head in the other day, as the door was ope, and talked briefly with on of the employees...super nice! The place looks great inside. This neighborhood needs this!

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