Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Potential Meat CSA Available

While Jersey City has a a good overall farmer's market presence, one area that could use improvement is easy access to grass-fed, high-quality meat. Recently, a reader reached out to me to ask if I'd be interested in helping get a CSA from Herondale Farm started in Jersey City. They provide grass-fed, pasture-raised, antibiotic-free meat and I wanted to share the information because I think it would be a great and useful service for a lot of people.

To arrange a CSA pick-up in Jersey City, the farm needs a group of at least 20 people to enroll. There have apparently been a couple of other inquiries into setting this up, but as of yet, nothing has come of it. The best way to express interest is to fill out the enrollment form and email it back to Julie at csa@herondalefarms.com.There is a ton of information about the CSA and how it works on the enrollment form if you'd like more details.

Once enough people have enrolled and a pick-up spot has been arranged (suggestions welcome! Ideally, someplace large enough for coolers and possibly with a fridge or freezer), deliveries will be done once a month. The options range from 10lbs of meat (beef, lamb, chicken, and pork) to 20lbs and prices range from $140-$175 month with the option of an additional chicken share and 10% off any other meats you might want to order. 

Please reach out to Herondale Farms with any further questions (check the enrollment form for basic info!) or feel free to ask me and I'll see what I can find out. 

Note: This is in no way a sponsored or compensated post and to the best of my knowledge, the reader who first brought this to my attention is not involved with Herondale Farm except as a satisfied customer. 


  1. They should come to the farmers' markets! I bet they'd do really well since I agree, we are lacking in the good meats department!

    1. That would be great if they did. I don't think this particular farm does market stands, but I'd love to see that kind of addition to the markets. I think the Riverview Market actually has a specialty meat vendor this year, so that's something.