Sunday, May 17, 2015

Community News

  • White Star Bar announced that they are opening another restaurant, but have yet to give details. So far, the space looks beautiful. 
  • Lizzmonade will be back at the Grove St. Farmer's Market tomorrow.
  • McGinley Square Pub, a new pub with a focus on craft beers, opened last week right by McGinley Square. 
  • Talde Jersey City is celebrating Filipino Restaurant Week by offering a $35 three course menu option through May 23rd
  • Word Bookstore has started selling Stumptown's Cold Brew with Chocolate
  • A new Italian Bistro called Patsey's is heading to Jersey City Heights.
  • Congratulations to Carmella's, The Taco Truck, and Mordi's who were featured in a Jersey Journal article about the rise in popularity of food trucks.
  • Chopping Block redesigned their menu.
  • NuBar has started serving Jersey City Veggie Burgers.

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