Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Short Grain Now Open!

Short Grain, new Jersey City cafe, quietly opened over the weekend, serving breakfast and lunch.

Located by City Hall at 183 Montgomery Street (just in front of the lot used for 6th Borough Market), Short Grain is offering a fast, casual menu with some special Vietnamese-inspired items and they have both take-out and eat-in service available. They're serving Counter Culture coffee (what Dame's uses) and prices run approximately $3-$5 dollars for coffee including Vietnamese coffee.

Right now, they are working on establishing the set-up and routine with the anticipation of being open from 7am-7pm, but they did start service over the weekend and will be doing some trial runs over the next few days. When I stopped by Monday, they were unfortunately closed for the holiday,  but the space seems nice and like a great place to stop in and grab a quick bite. The menu is pretty small and carefully put together, but expect things like avocado toast, granola, and lemon ricotta hotcakes for anywhere between $8-$12

Congratulations and good luck to Short Grain!

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