Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Departed Soles Kickstarter

Departed Soles, the first craft brewery coming to Jersey City, has launched a kickstarter to help with funding as they close in on the final steps of opening up the brewery.

Our logo captures a lot of what New Jersey is, as well as the Urban, City vibe we are embracing!

Departed Soles will not only be Jersey City's first official craft brewery, they will also be the first brewery in New Jersey to specialize in brewing gluten-free beer. The brewery is located right in the Powerhouse Arts district downtown and tours will be available. They plan on having two flagship gluten-free options for distribution upon launching (an IPA and a black IPA) and a tasting room that will rotate different regular and gluten-free beers as well as serve as a collaboration point with other local breweries.

The money raised during the kickstarter will go towards funding an expanded keg fleet, build-out and permit costs, a fork lift, and more. Departed Soles has a lot of great ideas and a lot of passion for what they're doing so check out the kickstarter for more info and consider helping this great project get funded.

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