Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blizzard 2016 - Who's Open and Who Isn't.

As we can all tell, Jersey City and its surround areas are in the midst of a big winter storm. While I have to say I don't recommend going out at all if you can help it, if you must, or are developing cabin fever, here's the list of what's open and what's closed (as far as places to eat/drink go) around town.

I'll be updating the list throughout the weekend so keep checking back in. Also, if you do go to one of these places, please make sure you tip well.

Confirmed Open
Seven Sheep Coffee - probably now closed
Hamilton Inn - Open until 9pm
PJ Ryan's
BrightSide Tavern
9th and Coles - serving brunch, may close early.
Park & Sixth will be opening at 12:30pm
Skinner's Loft
South House - open with drink specials
Koro Koro - get a free green tea with any rice ball
White Star Bar
Departed Soles Tasting Room - open from 2pm until 8pm
Ahri's Kitchen - open for sit down and take out but will not be offering delivery. UPDATED closing at 8pm
Burger Eatery
Union Republic - They're open from 12pm on with tonkatsu ramen, tiki drinks, and a free clam bake at 3pm.
Iron Monkey
Kraverie - Open, no deliveries
Third & Vine - open at 5pm as usual
Grand Sichuan - possible late open, but workers inside
Helen's Pizza
Stella's Pizza
Dunkin Donuts on Grove
Prato Bakery
Fox and Crow - Opening at 4pm, but live music is canceled.
Amelia's Bistro
Harry Street Coffee
Lucky 7's
Ozu Foods - opening early, probably closing early
LITM - now opening at 5pm, limited menu
Madame Claude's
McGinley Square Pub - free bar pie with every pitcher ordered
Barcade - Closing at 9pm
Renato's Pizza Masters
Dullboy - Mexican Spiked Hot Chocolate and Hot Toddy specials
Abbey's Pub
Carvao BBQ
The Archer

Confirmed Closed
Short Grain
Dark Side of the Moo
Battello, but for a private event. They anticipate being back open tomorrow.
Thirsty Quaker
Left Bank
Fast Boy Delivery
The Big Straw
9 Bar Cafe
Light Rail Cafe
Smith and Chang
Cocoa Bakey - open until 1 pm (NOW CLOSED)
Pasta Dal Cuore - closed for brunch although the pasta counter will open at 1pm and they're hoping to stay open for dinner. (UPDATED TO CLOSED)
McDonald's on Grove
Broa Cafe
Choc O Pain - both Jersey City and Hoboken stores are open. They will close at 2pm and everything is half off. (NOW CLOSED)
The Warehouse
Rustique Pizza
Bucket & Bay - Open until 4pm (NOW CLOSED)
Patsey's - Open until 2:30pm (NOW CLOSED)
Roman Nose
ME Casa
Grind Coffee Shop (NOW CLOSED)
The Citizen
Bwe Kafe - both the Jersey City and Hoboken locations are open and plan to stay open until 8pm now 6pm. (NOW CLOSED)
Sam a.m. - limited menu w/ coffee, pastries, and sandwiches. (NOW CLOSED)
Gino's Pizza - may close early, delayed deliveries.UPDATED no more deliveries, will be closing by 7pm (NOW CLOSED)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! They changed it until 1:00pm now, but I added it to the list.

  2. Third & Vine confirmed open at 5 as usual!

  3. Domino's (293 1st St) - confirmed closed.

  4. Can this be modified to say "Downtown Jersey City"? I don't see any places in Jersey City Heights, or West Side outside of downtown here on this list. Around town definitely includes places outside of one small part..

    1. Harry Street and Light Rail Cafe are not downtown

    2. Hi Miguel - this is based off what people report to me and what I can find out on social media. There are number of places outside of downtown listed. Harry Street and Light Rail are not downtown as the commenter above noted. Grind Coffee Shop, O'Leary's, Fox and Crow, Dark Side of the Moo, ModCup, FastBoy (which serves ALL of Jersey City, Bayonne, and Hoboken), Patsey's, Ozu Foods, and Gino's are all outside of the Downtown area. If you have other places you've spotted, please feel free to let me know and I will happily add them to the list.

  5. Replies
    1. Ah, I thought I had them on there - thanks, now added!