Sunday, January 24, 2016

Post Storm Updates

We made it to Sunday! Post-Blizzard, most places in Jersey City seem to be opening back up today although many will be working reduced hours. I'll keep noting places here that I find with reduced hours or any restaurant that will remain closed, but otherwise it's safe to say the city is coming back to life!

Hope everyone stayed safe and warm.
  • Grind Coffee Shop is closed
  • Dark Side of the Moo is open. May close early.
  • Smith and Chang is expecting to open by 11am.
  • Seven Sheep Coffee will open at 10am
  • Porta will open at noon
  • Left Bank will open at noon with a $10 Survivor Special: The Bankrupt Burger and a beer
  • Hamilton Inn will be opening at 11:30am
  • Bwe Kafe will be open 9:30am-4pm
  • Light Rail Cafe will open at 1pm
  • ME Casa will be opening at 2pm including delivery
  • Kraverie is open until 6pm and will be doing deliveries beginning at 2pm
  • White Star is open and serving select beer cans for $2
  • Barcade is open but the kitchen might have reduced staff/hours.
  • Just BeClaws is open, but with a reduced schedule. They recommend you call ahead.
  • Sam a.m. closed early
  • O'Lala Empanadas is closed.

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