Tuesday, July 18, 2017

LSC After Dark and Midnight Market Present: Electric BBQ

LSC After Dark has teamed up with Midnight Market to present Electric BBQ, an evening full of science, food, music, and fun this Thursday, 7/20.

Held at Liberty Science Center, 222 Jersey City Blvd from 6pm-10pm, Electric BBQ will feature music, dancing, cocktails, and approximately 20 food vendors throughout Liberty Science Center, an amazing space with so much to check out and several great exhibits you can enjoy including a musical lightning show created by Tesla coils. There's also a beautiful view, perfect for enjoying with a drink in hand.

Last night, they held a preview event, offering samples from some of the vendors and a sneak peek at the Tesla show which was so much fun. In full disclosure, this was a free event I was invited to. However, all opinions are entirely my own and it was 100% my decision on if and how to publicize.

It was a really fun time and an exciting (even electrifying) experience different from your usual night out. Make sure to check out my Instagram to get more previews.
Spam Musubi from Eemas
Crunch cup from Sisig City

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