Thursday, October 11, 2018

Where to Get A Thanksgiving Turkey in Jersey City

While Thanksgiving still seems quite a ways away, now is the time to plan. Several local vendors have started accepting turkey reservations and it's worth getting them in early! Here are the best places to begin making your Thanksgiving plans:

Bone In
Bone In has two kinds of turkey available for pre-order, both pasture-raised. One is a Heritage turkey with sizes ranging from 8-28 lbs. at $8.50/lb and the other is a Broad-Breasted turkey that ranges from 8-20 lbs at $7/lb. Both have a reservation fee of $25 which will be deducted from your total price. Reservations can be made through Bone-In's online marketplace.

Pampita Meat Shop
Pampita Meat Shop at 393 Central Ave in the Heights is also accepting special orders for whole turkeys. They are available via special order only and they have a range of options available - please reach out to the shop for more information and to place your order.

Darke Pines
Darke Pines, 332 2nd Street, is also accepting reservations on Broad-Breasted turkeys that have been pasture-raised at Autumn's Harvest Farm in Romulus, NY and given organic feed. Turkeys are available in sizes ranging from 10-18lbs and will cost $7.99lb. There's a $25 deposit per turkey and must be paid in person by 10/21. In addition, the shop will have house-smoked ham, dressings, and ready-to-heat sides closer to the actual holiday to round out your meal.

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