Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Look At Satis Bistro for Restaurant Week

Since the start of Hudson Restaurant Week was impacted by the recent blizzard, a number of restaurants have agreed to extend it for another week until February 10th. Included on the list are Jersey City restaurants Amelia's Bistro, Bistro La Source, Fire & Oak, Hamilton Inn, Liberty Prime Steakhouse, Light Horse Tavern, Raval, and Satis Bistro.
This year, I decided to check out Satis Bistro and was really happy I did. In years past, they've kept the options pretty limited (almost the same as what they offer as a prix fixe regularly) so I was excited to see an expanded menu and decided to take advantage. 

Satis Bistro is one of the better restaurants in Jersey City, offering an intimate but relaxed atmosphere, a great wine list, and importantly for my purposes, it is actually a deal during Restaurant Week. The menu offers an appetizer, entree, and dessert - vegetarian options are available - and they don't shy away or cut down on portion size. Here are some of the highlights:
                                From top: patatas bravas, oxtail risotto, short rib with chorizo & goat cheese mashed  potatoes,                                              Pear Tarte, Donna's Icebox Pudding

Of the nine dishes we had, not one of them disappointed. Everything was delicious and incredibly filling and considering they offer a glass of  better than decent wine for $5 (your choice of cabernet or pinot grigio), it's one of the best deals and best meals I've had as part of Restaurant Week.

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  1. Great to hear, although I can't bring myself to order anything but their delicious cheese & charcuterie.