Friday, February 19, 2016

Miso Ramen Announces Opening Date

Miso Ramen has announced their opening date!
Yesterday, they posted a message on their store window announcing they will be open beginning Tuesday, February 23rd and specifically, they will start serving at 2pm. The store is located at 189 Newark Avenue.

If you are in Jersey City at that time on that date and interested in trying this place, I'd recommend going then because based off the initial online and social media reactions, I think it's safe to assume Miso Ramen will be pretty busy in the opening weeks to come.

As a reminder, Miso Ramen is serving a traditional ramen menu with long-simmered broths that are then seasoned according to your order and they will be making all the noodles fresh on-site daily. Besides ramen, they are offering several side dishes like pork buns and vegetable gyoza.


  1. Can't wait to try this place! yumms

  2. I've been waiting since the moment I saw the sign go up!