Friday, March 4, 2016

Porta to Host "Spring in Venice" Dinner Party

On March 22nd, Porta will be holding a five course dinner party with a Venetian inspired menu.

The dinner starts at 7pm and is $75/person. Drinks are not included which does make this a fairly expensive proposition. The menu includes:
1st - Arancini Veneziani
2nd - Risi e Bisi (Italian rice and peas)
3rd - Sardines with Polenta
4th - Liver and Onions
5th - Zabaglione Fritters with Fig.

It is limited seating so if you're interested, make sure to reserve your spot.


  1. Yes, this is pricey. So just to be clear....

    $75/pp for a 5 course meal prepared by a established, successful restaurant in Porta including proteins of a popular cuisine is "fairly expensive"....

    BUT $70/pp for a vegan cheap produce meal by amateur Chilltown Kitchen and an unknown chef is completely acceptable because it provides a "community feel" and is trying "to be something new"???

    Cmon JCE! :-P

    1. I am the manager of one of Manhattan's oldest Spanish restaurants and I can tell you liver and sardines are some of the cheapest proteins I can buy.

      If you do not like vegan cuisine, this is your choice. But to relentlessly call a vegan meal "cheap produce" just shows your immature bias and lack of culinary knowledge. So please, get educated and get a life.

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  2. That's stupid expensive for both.

    Porta's always been overpriced, but come on now.