Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lafayette Corner Store

Lafayette Corner Store, 320 Communipaw Ave,  is a great example of a local small business using social media to their advantage. This bodega turned deli first piqued my interest on Instagram, posting pictures of their daily menus and specials. Expanding on the typical offerings found at a bodega, the shop has a fairly extensive sandwich menu, a variety of burgers, soups of the day, and offers specials like empanadas and pierogis.

I've been by a few times and always been happy with the food. They pay attention to the details - selecting different breads for different sandwiches, adding an unexpected ingredient here and there. They offer the classics using quality ingredients, but have also created menu items that go a couple steps beyond. One of the standouts I had was the Radical BLT, a BLT on a toasted kaiser roll with a horseradish sauce they made there instead of just mayo. It was fantastic - the bacon was really crispy, the horseradish had a good bite to it and the lettuce and tomato were really fresh.

On another day, I had a turkey provolone melt on brioche which was grilled perfectly. The light sweetness of the brioche contrasted well with the saltiness of the cheese and it basically ended up being comfort food at its best. If you happen to be there on a day when they offer the empanadas, they're worth the $2 to get one. Served freshly fried and piping hot, my chicken empanada was delicious with a mildly spicy and molten creamy chicken filling.

Along with the food, one of the great things about the shop is they've kept the overall bodega feel so it's still convenient and familiar, but along with the expanded menu, they've added a small selection of fresh groceries and produce which seems to grow every time I go in. They've also often got a selection of organic snacks on display, taking this above and beyond your typical bodega.

All in All
Lafayette Corner Store is a great spot with the convenience of a bodega but a menu suited to a regular deli. Everything is under $8, the food is good and freshly made, and it's an excellent addition to the neighborhood. It's quick and convenient with nice service and in warmer weather, they put out tables making it a perfect spot to sit and have something to eat while socializing with the neighborhood.

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