Tuesday, May 10, 2016

PJ Ryan's Squared Now Open and Serving

PJ Ryan's new location, PJ Ryan's Squared, has officially opened to the public.

Located at 4 Path Plaza, part of the Journal Square Path station, PJ Ryan's Squared opened a little over a week ago for drinks, but still needed to do a little more work in the kitchen and just started serving food this week. 

The current menu is fairly similar to their original location and they're primarily serving bar food like burgers (including a veggie burger), sandwiches, and wings. There are some menu expansions planned once they get past the initial opening weeks, but it will still be along the lines of updated bar food.

It is a full bar, but with a special focus on craft beers and a varied tap list that will get updated fairly regularly. 

Congratulations to PJ Ryan's Squared.

1 comment:

  1. PJ Ryan's downtown used to have my absolute favorite burger in Jersey City. Then I went over the weekend and I could not even finish half of it. It was absolutely disgusting - seasoning was horrible, bread was stale, and the burger tasted like it had been cooked hours before and stuck in the microwave - it was tough, chewy, and cold in the middle. Sadly, I will not be back. There are too many other great restaurants.