Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Pecoraro Bakery Now Antique Bakery

As recently reported, Hoboken's Antique Bakery closed up their Hoboken location and moved all of their operations to Pecoraro Bakery in Jersey City.

Although Antique Bakery bought Pecoraro Bakery a couple of years ago, they didn't make many changes, keeping the overall menu, the staff, and the name and they continued to sell under their own name at the Hoboken location. Now that they have formally moved and are operating full-time out of Pecoraro Bakery, they are starting to update and modify some aspects of the existing bakery.

They are incorporating the Antique name with a temporary sign up over the Pecoraro heading and on sidewalk boards, they've started going by Antique Pecoraro Bakery although it appears that's transitional and they will formally change to Antique Bakery. They've also begun steadily adding to the menu and increasing their production and options, most notably adding in a deli case packed with what I believe were Thumann' s deli meat and cheese. I didn't see a formal sandwich menu, but they seemed to carry all the standards - a couple of different kinds of turkey, ham, roast beef, and so on.

I also noticed a significant increase in the amount and variety of bread (stuffed and otherwise) and other baked goods including mini-pizzas, cakes, and Italian cookies. As of now, the price point seems to be staying the same which is good news and I'm sure we can expect to see more menu changes and updates as time goes on.

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