Monday, April 11, 2016

Antique Bakery Coming to Jersey City

Hoboken's popular Antique Bakery is coming to Jersey City.

After decades of baking in Hoboken, Antique Bakery's last day was yesterday, 4/10, and they'll be shifting their operations to 279 Newark Avenue, the current home of Pecoraro Bakery. The owners of Antique Bakery took ownership of Pecoraro a few years ago and have recently decided to keep the business going full-time from that location (no word on if there will be a name change). 

The menus and styles of both locations were very similar with a focus on coal oven-baked traditional breads, stuffed breads, and other savory baked goods like mini-pizzas. Considering it's the same owner, it's unlikely there will be any major changes to Pecoraro as we currently know it except for a possible slight menu expansion and more wholesale baking. 

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  1. Great Bakery in Hoboken, delicious bread and pizzas.