Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Brooklyn's Robicellis is available in Jersey City!

Jersey City, I have some truly great news.
Famed and drool-inducing Brooklyn bakery Robicelli's is available right here in town! Known for their creative, decadent, and unique baked goods, (that I have long been ogling and dying to have easy access to) especially their cupcakes, Robicelli's has been even more in the spotlight since last summer's Lasagne a la Nutella - so imagine my surprise when I found out that they've been being sold in Jersey City and I had no idea.

Hudson Greene Market, at 77 Hudson Street on Grand in Exchange Place, is a high-end market carrying a wide variety of gourmet products from all over the area including a pretty large range of goods from Robicelli's. Once I found out they were there (thanks to some help from Taproot Organics who share in the Robicelli's love), I went to check it out and was excited to find not only the famed cupcakes, but also some specialty bars like the chocolate peanut butter and blueberries & cream bar which both looked so delicious, it was a major struggle not to get them.

(The Tres Leches - three milk soaked brown butter cake with dulce de leche buttercream and caramel shards)

They not only carry all of Robicelli's classic collection, (The Ebinger, Plain Ol' Vanilla, Banana Nutella, and Tres Leches) but three to four seasonal varieties. Unfortunately, it was pretty clear that some of the cupcakes had been sitting in the freezer a little too long, but even then, they were still in good shape and ready to be enjoyed. Prices are $3.00 each with a discount if you buy 4.

Do yourself a favor, make use of this local access, and go buy something. Your day/week/possibly month will be better for it. These really are above and beyond in the dessert category- plus the more we buy, the more likely we are to have even more Robicelli's in Jersey City and that can only lead to good.

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