Monday, October 19, 2015

Community News

  • A correction from last week! I misunderstood the Kitchen's tweet about their new drink menu and the corkage feel is now $25, not $10. Apologies for the confusion.
  • Broa Cafe is modifying their hours. They'll now be closed on Sundays but will have daytime hours Friday and Saturday.
  • Congratulations to Left Bank on celebrating two years in business.
  • Beginning this Wednesday, Downtown Yogurt will be offering fresh doughnuts every day.
  • ModCup is going to be joining 25 Senate Place in Journal Square.
  • The Iron Monkey is having a special Lost Abbey Brewing event Tuesday from 4pm-6pm
  • Congratulations to Moloney's for their mention in the Jersey Journal and for being entered into The Small Business Revolution.
  • Squeeze'd is now offering their own nut milks for sale at farmer's markets around town. 
  • Dullboy has introduced a 5pm-7pm happy hour, Mon-Fri, with $8 shaken and stirred cocktails and $4 canned beer. 


  1. Are corkage fees legal? I know looking at the NJ Laws that if a non-license restaurant allows BYO they cannot charge a fee; however, if the Kitchen has a license, does that change this? Either way, $25 fee seems really steep for BYO.

    1. If a restaurant has a liquor license, they are allowed to charge a corkage fee. It's only illegal for non-licensed restaurants to charge a fee. I've done some research on it (though not extensive by any means) and it seems like most corkage fees at this level are around the $20 range although I agree, I was a bit surprised by the price. Certainly does discourage BYO rather than ordering there. You'd have to have a pretty nice bottle of wine to make it worth it.