Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Update on Bell+Gray, Now Open

Bell + Gray, the revised Carrino Provisions, officially opened Monday evening and a few more details are now clear.

While the space isn't overly changed, minus the addition of the bar and a few other decor details, they did put the TVs back in the front bar area (formerly the market space) which is good news for those who thought a more upscale sports bar would be a good addition to the area. If you're not a fan of that idea, the back dining room remains semi-separated and has its own bar although it is apparently reservation only . That seems like an odd choice to me, considering Jersey City is very much a walk-in kind of town. Yesterday, it seemed as though they were letting people back there without a reservation, but that might have just been for opening night. If you feel strongly about it, I'd recommend calling ahead. The wine cellar in the basement will be available for private events as it was when it was the Osteria.

The restaurant does also have patio seating in the courtyard although I'm not sure how long that will stay considering the season (my question about heaters outside went unanswered) and they are planning on restarting the Weekly BBQ Buffets although don't yet know when they'll resume. The fate of the brunch buffet they had recently instituted prior to renovating is yet to be determined.

While the restaurant still doesn't have a website, the menu can be seen here. While I haven't yet been so can't vouch for size of dishes, the price point does seem relatively in line with most restaurants around town at this level.

They'll be closed for a private event Wednesday (10/13), but are otherwise planning to open at 5pm every night this week.

8 Erie Street, Jersey City


  1. You guys seem to really hate these Bell+Gray [Carrino Provisions] guys. All your posts regarding them have a biting tone to them.

    Care to explain your pessimism, anger and overall disappointment with this business?

    While I have yet to eat here, there seems to be a vendetta between you and the owners.

    1. No hate, no vendetta and truthfully, I'm not sure what you mean by "biting tone" in this post? Are there specific statements you are referencing that I might be able to clarify?

      My last post announcing the change was certainly on the negative side because I was really disappointed in the way the market turned out and would have loved to have seen them try harder with it and make it a better match for the community rather than scrapping the plans and (seemingly) rush into a new one. I think the last paragraph on the last post about Carrino explains that disappointment: http://jerseycityeats.blogspot.com/2015/10/carrino-provisions-no-longer.html

      I have no feelings currently about Bell + Gray because I haven't been there. I will say that while I'm sure the food is good, I'm not especially excited by the menu and find it fairly similar to several places around town which I don't think is something this particular neighborhood needs - so on that front, yes, I'd consider myself disappointed. There's a new place that I'm not excited to go to and that's disappointing, but it has nothing to do with who the owners are.

      I hope that helps as explanation.

    2. really? i didn't notice a biting tone at all, and i have no opinion on the place, though i do really like talde.

    3. Thanks - I wasn't sure what that commenter meant by biting tone either, so glad it didn't seem that way to everyone and agreed, I like Talde as well.