Thursday, October 8, 2015

Milk Sugar Love and Taproot Organics Team Up

The first time I met Daniel Grunes, co-owner of Taproot Organics and former chef, at the launch party of the first Eighty Mag, he asked me what I thought was the most interesting restaurant in Jersey City . Not necessarily the best or the trendiest, but the most interesting - and though I didn't say it and in fact, struggled to answer because at the time Jersey City was going through a bit of a dining slump, my first instinct was to say Milk Sugar Love (despite it not being an actual restaurant). It was one of the best questions I've ever gotten about food and I've never stopped thinking about it since. Whenever I do, Milk Sugar Love is always included in my mental list so you can imagine my complete and total delight when I found out they were collaborating on a special new flavor.

On top of that, Milk Sugar Love and Taproot Organics are two of the best makers I know in their respective fields. They both work incredibly hard to keep improving their products, to try new things, to go beyond the standard for their work and to create beautiful end products - which they definitely succeeded at in this case.

The soap from Taproot Organics is based around the rich, sweet nuttiness of almond and enhanced with hints of citrus to liven it up and just a quick inhale gives you a sense of its soothing, cleansing, and enriching properties. It's a warm scent, perfect for the turn of seasons. I believe they are currently sold out of the marzipan, but check in with them either at the markets or on their website to be sure.

Milk Sugar Love's version of the marzipan is the inverse with a mellow and creamy but sweetly tart citrus base that brought to mind an orange creamsicle and throughout the ice cream are little ribbons of pure rich marzipan and chips of dark chocolate that are just enough to deepen and highlight the orange and almond flavors. It's sweet, delicate, but also rich and unique and a delicious representation of the Marzipan bar.

Make sure to check out at least one, but ideally both, versions of this collaboration!

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