Friday, August 19, 2016

Get to Know Eater: Jahnia

Welcome to "Get to Know JC Eater" where every week I post a profile of a local resident sharing where and what they love to eat in Jersey City. If you'd like to be featured, please leave a comment below or email me directly.

This week's JC Eater is a photography enthusiast who loves finding small gems around town. 

What's your name?
Jahnia H.

Where in Jersey City do you live?

Do you have a favorite non-food spot/area in Jersey City?
There's a lot to choose from but I never get tired of Bergen Ave towards JSQ. You see and have a bit of everything there.

Do you follow a specific dietary lifestyle?
Seriously Dairy Free

What are your favorite places to eat in your neighborhood?
My neighborhood feels very small when it comes to food but thankfully some new places are popping up that aren't stepping on the toes of the already established spots here. For breakfast I'd say Nick's Coffee Shop, very simple but satisfying. Then for some good coffee and Doughnut Plant donuts I go to The Grind Shop a few doors down. For a nice filling and flavorful meal I do like the Guatemalan food at the Guatamalteco on Pacific Ave.

What are your favorite places to eat in Jersey City overall?
I like trying some of the new places when I can but my heart loves the small hidden/unhidden gems in this city. I'm a big fan of Morgan Fish Market & Restaurant on JFK in JSQ. The small taco truck on Congress St. between Webster and New York Ave in the Heights. Get the Al Pastor taco. Rasoi in JSQ has the best Indian food ever. And I've liked everything I've had at The Hamilton Inn and at Hamilton Pork.

(Morgan Fish Market, photo by Jahnia)

Is there a particular dish in Jersey City that's your favorite or that you find yourself recommending over and over? 
When they have it, the non-dairy cookie butter ice cream from Milk Sugar Love sandwiched between 2 fresh baked Snickerdoodle cookies. It's heaven.

What kind of restaurant would you love to see in Jersey City that isn't here already? 
I really don't know what Jersey City could be missing at this point, you've got everything here. 
Just bring more of that stuff to my neighborhood.

Any other info you want to put?
Jersey City is the best place to take pictures and I enjoy posting them on my instagram: @jahnia_
And shout out to Bergen One Hour Photo Center on Bergen Ave for still developing a roll of film in an hour. 


  1. Im interested in being featured! Ig: @blogdellavita

    1. Great, thank you! I'll reach out to you soon!