Friday, August 26, 2016

Get to Know JC Eater:Jerome

Welcome to "Get to Know JC Eater" where every week I post a profile of a local resident sharing where and what they love to eat in Jersey City.  This site is meant to be useful to the community so what better way to do that than involve the community itself? If you'd like to be featured, please leave a comment below or email me directly.

This week's JC Eater is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys The Citizen as much as I do and might be somewhat familiar. 

What's your name?
Jerome Fazzari

Where in Jersey City do you live?
Jewett Ave, in Bergen Hill

Do you have a favorite non-food spot/area in Jersey City?
I'm pretty big into fitness, so most days you can find me at the gym - JC Krank on Marin Blvd.

Do you follow a specific dietary lifestyle?
I've been eating gluten-free for almost 5 years, almost no caffeine or dairy, desserts and alcohol max once a week. At home, it's mostly just high protein and vegetables. 

What are your favorite places to eat in your neighborhood?
Stewed chicken from Delicias De Puerto Rico (although they may have just closed), and Guacamole from The 3 Coffee Beans

What are your favorite places to eat in Jersey City overall? 
O'Leary's Pub is my go to place on "cheat days", great burgers, wings, etc. 

Also, I have been going to The Citizen lately-new menu is great and they have lots of good live music.

Is there a particular dish in Jersey City that's your favorite or that you find yourself recommending over and over?
There's so much variety it's hard to recommend only one thing, I always find myself suggesting like 10 places depending on the mood. 

What kind of restaurant would you love to see in Jersey City that isn't here already? 
I would really like to see an authentic Memphis-Style BBQ place.  Unfortunately, this place is not in Jersey City-I took this picture at a place in Westchester County.
Any other info?
My wife and I run GreenPen Investments which is a Jersey City based real estate investment company where we buy and renovate houses and buildings around town. 
Instagram - @GreenPenInvestments
Facebook - GreenPen Investments
Twitter - @LornaMcManus
Snapchat - @GreenPenInvests

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