Friday, August 14, 2015

La Festa Italiana Part II: The Eats

Beyond all the music, games, and general fun that La Festa Italiana offers, they've also got a lot of offer to eat and drink, so check out this mini photo-tour of what's available and all the reasons why you should be heading there this weekend!
We'll start with the important things: drinks! Lots of beer and specialty cocktails from White Star Bar and the church's homemade limoncello and wine and peaches.

Now onto food and menus:

Fresh pierogi available (all veg) along with grilled brats - so good.

Pizza made and baked on site.

 And of course, the two festival favorites:

Even beyond all this, there's still so much more like Al Richards Chocolate, an Italian sausage stand, gyros, Gia Gelato....the list goes on and on. 

Enjoy the festival and happy eating!

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