Thursday, June 23, 2016

Construction Updates - Würstbar, Pet Shop, Latham House, and Freshy Freeze

It's been quite a while since our last Construction Update, but that doesn't mean there haven't been a lot of new restaurants underway in the meantime. Some we've already covered and will provide further updates on soon and there will be even more coming, but for now, here are several new spots we can expect to see downtown soon.

Würstbar, 516 Jersey Ave - Taking over the former Sushi Tango space, Würst Bar is a German bar and eatery, according to a) the name and b) one of the workers I happened to catch when walking by. It looks like they've done a nice job with the space, refreshing the bar and adding in some small tables a couple of more traditional trestle type table and benches.  They still have some work left to do and inspections to pass but we should hope to see them open by mid-to-late summer.

Latham House, 299 Marin Blvd - Latham House, located where The Kitchen at Grove Station used to be, is moving right along and should be open almost any day now. The menu and style of the restaurant will be contemporary American with a focus on updated classics and if you want a preview, they started posting their menus just yesterday on Instagram. They'll be serving lunch, dinner, and brunch on the weekends (until 6pm on Sunday!) with a variety of vegetarian options and they do have a liquor license.

Pet Shop, 193 Newark Ave - Rumors have flown since construction started late last summer about what exactly this new bar will be and it does seem like the concept has changed a couple of times, but we should find out soon. When I spoke to some workers last fall, they'd anticipated opening by January/February and now they seem to be aiming for a late June/early July opening but a recent peek inside made it seem like there was still some work being done and they're trying to complete the permit process so it might be a little later in the summer before we see them open.

Freshy Freeze, 512B Jersey Ave - Located at former retail shop Beekman Lane, Freshy Freeze appears to be an offshoot of a Thai ice cream chain with locations in various countries. Thai rolled ice cream is very popular at the moment and is basically a liquid ice cream base poured onto an extremely cold freezer plate with mix-ins that are then chopped and mashed together before being scraped up into rolls when even more toppings can then be added. They've had a sign up in the window for several weeks, but recently removed the paper from the windows and while they don't look ready yet, there have been some interior renovations. There's no anticipated opening day as of now, but considering the construction level and permit needs are pretty minor, I'd expect to see them open within the next month or so.

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