Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New Restaurant: The Old Spot

A new Chinese Hot Pot restaurant is coming to downtown Jersey City. Located at 523 Jersey Avenue which was formerly H20 Aquarium, the new spot will be called The Old Spot. 

The restaurant spent much of the winter and early spring undergoing renovations, but all work has been completed and the space is almost entirely set-up. I was able to get a look inside one day a couple of months ago and it looks as though they've done a nice job with the space, adding bench seating and good sized tables. Several reports have come forward that they're ready to open up almost any day now, but they are waiting to get final permits from the city which is often the case in these situations and makes announcing an opening day very difficult and unpredictable. It seems likely it will open before the end of June or in early July, but again, it depends on when they get their permits. 

There's no sign of a menu or website at this point, but keep checking back for updates. 

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