Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Draper Has Closed

The Draper, 247 Washington Street, has closed after less than four months in business.

Formerly the Park & Sixth Gastropub, The Draper came about after Brian Dowling, owner of Park & Sixth and Dullboy, decided to do some renovations to the somewhat troubled gastropub and create more of a cocktail lounge/speakeasy with a Dorothy Draper-inspired feel.

An indication the spot might be closing first came on JC List when it was noted that a Trulia listing had been posted at that location although it was originally unclear whether it was for The Draper or for Lisbon II, the restaurant located right behind it. However, the listing seems to have since been updated with more details and a lower price and when I went by the space earlier this week, I noticed another real estate listing confirming the address as 247 Washington.

During the short time it was open, reviews were fairly mixed and there were a number of complaints about the high price point. Rumors have also circled that the spot is closing because of a failed relationship between co-owners Brian Dowling and Rachel Robbins. A request for more information was not answered and it appears there have been no social media updates from The Draper since early May.

The space has the potential to be a great spot and considering the asking price of $450k includes a liquor license (almost prohibitively expensive in this area), it appears to be quite the deal. Hopefully we'll see something in this space soon.

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