Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fastboy Delivery Discounts

Fastboy recently added five more restaurants to their delivery roster and they're offering a discount in celebration.

The new delivery options are all based out of Jersey City and include:
  • Hi-FiBar, a small local business near Journal Square making high fiber, high protein, no added sugar granola and snack bars made with natural ingredients.
  • Prince of Pizza, a neighborhood pizza and pasta spot located in McGinely Square. 
  • The Citizen, a downtown bar and performance space who recently redid their menu with help from Chef Flo of Eeemas cuisine. 
  • Hudson Play, located on Brunswick Street, offering smoothies and fresh juice for delivery.
  • Taqueria Restaurant Oaxaca in Jersey City Heights has fresh Mexican with a special focus on Oaxacan sauces and specialty hot sauces.
Order from any one of these restaurants beginning today through Friday, 7/22 and use the code NEWFIVE to receive 15% off the total. 

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