Friday, July 29, 2016

Get to Know JC Eater: Aman

Welcome to "Get to Know JC Eater" where every week I post a profile of a local resident sharing where and what they love to eat in Jersey City.  This site is meant to be useful to the community so what better way to do that than involve the community itself? If you'd like to be featured, please leave a comment below or email me directly.

This week's JC Eater is a banh mi fan who loves checking out the local street fairs and weekend markets.

What's your name?
Aman Rastogi

Where in Jersey City do you live?

Do you have a favorite non-food spot/area in Jersey City?
Liberty State Park and Paulus Hook

Do you follow a specific dietary lifestyle?
No, I am a carnivore.

What are your favorite places to eat in your neighborhood?
Banyan Cafe on Bright Street. Their pork bahn mi is my weakness, especially when it is prepared by Chef Angel.

What are your favorite places to eat in Jersey City overall?
Liberty House Restaurant (American)
Rumis Turkish Grill (Middle Eastern)
Sawadee (Thai)
Razza (Italian)
Burger Eatery
Kraverie (French and Korean fusion) 
Departed Soles (Beers and the complete atmosphere, may be more for the name)
O'lala Empanadas
Rasoi (Indian buffet)
Mithaas (Indian sweets)
Curry On - their Chicken Chettinad really stands out.

Is there a particular dish in Jersey City that's your favorite or that you find yourself recommending over and over?
Yes, as an Indian, everyone craves Samosas every now and then. The best comes from Rajbhog in India Square and to top it up, try their Samosa pav. 
Lemon olive ice cream from Milk Sugar Love is the best thing that has happened to my sweet tooth. 
Seoul cheese steak from Kraverie along with the kimchi fries.
Oxtail Ramen from Miso Ramen
Pork Banh Mi from Banyan Cafe
Dahi Kebabs from Mantra

What kind of restaurant would you love to see in Jersey City that isn't here already?
Jersey City is one of the most diverse cities in the US. Its culinary and cultural scene reflects that clearly. But we do not have an Ethiopian restaurant yet in JC. Besides all the other cuisines, my wife prepares some very delicious Ethiopian food at home and we drive all the way to Montclair just to get some fresh Injeras.

Any other info?
I enjoy the weekend markets happening in many parts of Jersey City as they have some very good local food vendors: HDSID street fair, Project Eats, Food truck festivals. Unfortunately, The Kitchen at Grove shut down, they were distinctive.

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