Saturday, July 2, 2016

Freshy Freeze Now Open

Freshy Freeze, 512B Jersey Avenue, opened their doors today for the first time and to celebrate the occasion, they're giving out free samples of ice cream.

Selling the currently trendy Thai rolled ice cream, Freshy Freeze started working on the space a few months ago, but was able to open pretty quickly. The majority of the space is taken up by the kitchen and workspace but there is a little waiting area and they have a couple of seats outside.
What makes Thai ice cream different is that it's made from pouring a small amount of liquid base, possibly along with a mix-in, onto a freezing cold surface where it's then scraped, chopped, and rolled rapidly several times to help with the freezing and aeration process most ice cream goes through before being spread thin and scraped into freezing rolls and then other toppings are added. The end result is very cold, chewy rolls of ice cream that are creamy but light.

I didn't see any prices listed at Freshy Freeze but they seemed to have several flavors including mango, matcha, coffee, and vanilla and their toppings and mix-ins included strawberries, oreos, teddie grahams, and whipped cream. Opening hours haven't been set yet, but they told me they'd be open again tomorrow.

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