Thursday, November 17, 2016

Whealth is Keeping Busy

Whealth and Co., founded by Chef David Trotta, has always been on the move and that's especially true of late. They've got several special events coming up, a new pop-up cafe opening soon, and construction is underway on their Journal Square location.

Photo from Whealth
Join David and local fitness instructors for the weekly Run the Harborside Event ($10/person) where you'll enjoy a 5k run or 30 minute walk, followed by a cool down and stretching and 15 minute guided meditation, then enjoy a healthy meal (veg. option upon request). Everyone and all levels of fitness are welcome.
The next two dates are:
Saturday, 11/19
Saturday 11/26

David is also planning a special Thanksgiving Day version to help get you energized and relieve some of the holiday stress. This one will feature a berry smoothie and cold brew coffee so you'll get a healthy (and not too filling) start to your day.
The Turkey Trot.

Harborside Pop-Up
Whealth is setting up shop in the former Markers Café space (153 Plaza II, Harborside) and have already made some impressive changes to make the space their own:
Photo from Whealth
They'll feature healthier quick breakfast and lunch options meant for easy pick-up and take-out as well as a small counter so people can sit down and check out the action as meals are made. Expect dishes like salads, rice bowls, and gluten-free and vegetarian options. 

They're in the midst of the permit process now and hope to be open by next week. 
*UPDATE* The restaurant will be open Monday-Wednesday of this week for a soft open from 7am-10am with complimentary coffee and oatmeal. 

Journal Square
Similar in style to the Harborside Pop-Up, Whealth will be opening a café in the new Journal Squared buildings on Pavonia Ave near Journal Square. The space will be a little larger with some seating, but will follow the idea of quick and easy healthy meals with a heavy focus on grab-and-go.

Construction has been underway and while no opening day has been set, the general aim is early to mid 2017.

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  1. opening day has been set, the general aim is early to mid 2017.