Friday, November 18, 2016

Get to Know JC Eaters: The Recap (Part 2)

Instead of posting new JC Eaters, I wanted to look back at the twenty Jersey City residents who have been featured so far and talk about some of my favorite recommendations and the things I've learned. Two weeks ago, I recapped the ten most recent profiles and this week, we'll go over the first ten. 

So many people have told me they've found a new dish to try or a new favorite restaurant based off someone's profile and I've definitely pick up some great recommendations myself. I love reading through every submission I get and I'm so exited to have people share more about the food, neighborhoods, and scenic spots they love in Jersey City as well as their own personal passions and hobbies. 

Starting from the 10th and counting down to the 1st, here are ten JC Eaters sharing their favorite eats around Jersey City.

10) Ariel - Considering she was a relative newcomer to Jersey City, I was especially thrilled to have Ariel post and see how quickly she'd already gotten to know some great food spots. Plus who doesn't love a cute dog pic and an endorsement of salsa and guacamole?

9) Bill - Bill's recommendation sent me rushing to try the Linguine di Spinaci all'amatraciano from Pasta Dal Cuore and I am so grateful I did. Bursting with flavor and just a bit of heat, this has become one of my favorite dishes and should not be missed.

8) Aman - Aman offered up a lot of great recommendations that were interesting and diverse, showing just how much we have available in Jersey City. I also love his specific recommendations for Indian food, recommending where to go for what dish. 

7) Gabriela - The photos Gabriela included with her post are what first drew me in (they're beautiful) and while one of her recommendations, Union Republic, has closed since her profile was posted, her other picks are all well worth a visit.
Photo courtesy of Gabriela

6) JC Muddy Sidewalk - it's safe to say anyone who knows the cinnamon bread at Second Street probably knows what they're talking about when it comes to food and while I've been to Dolma several times, I've never tried the hanger steak, but it's next on the list. 

5) Lorna - Unfortunately, this is another list that contains a restaurant that has since closed, but reading through Lorna's picks all through town definitely added quite a few spots to my own To Try list and highlighted just how good our bar food options are. We know how to drink and eat in this city!
Photo courtesy of Lorna

4) Amy - Whether you're looking for some great vegan options, a quick rundown on the best places in Little India, where to eat on the West Side, or what to eat at the Farmer's Market at Lincoln Park (now closed for the season), this should be your guide.

3) Valerie - this one is a particular favorite because Valerie's mention of wishing there was a good Polish place still around is what led to a reader's recommendation of the Taste of Poland pop-up at Legal Grounds. Plus, the buffalo chicken sandwich from White Star recommendation can't be denied. 

2) Meredith - Along with finding some great recipes on her personal blog, I loved the reminder of how many options there are to support the food community in Jersey City just by shopping locally. 

and finally.....the one who started it all:

1) Joel - Joel's enthusiastic love of food and Jersey City came together to create the first JC Eater profile and started everything off with a bang! With his lists of what's best in Jersey City for different occasions and moods, there's something for everyone.

Thanks to everyone for participating!

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