Friday, November 4, 2016

Get to Know JC Eaters: The Recap (Part 1)

This week and next week, instead of posting new JC Eaters, I wanted to look back at the twenty Jersey City residents who have been featured so far and talk about some of my favorite recommendations and the things I've learned.

I started doing this in order to hear more about the places and food in Jersey City other people love and it's been great. So many people have told me they've found a new dish to try or a new favorite restaurant based off someone's profile and I've definitely pick up some great recommendations myself. I love reading through every submission I get and I'm so exited to have people share more about the food, neighborhoods, and scenic spots they love in Jersey City as well as often their own personal passions and hobbies. 

Starting from the most recent and counting down to 11, here are the past ten JC Eaters sharing their favorite eats around Jersey City.

20) Jenna - Jenna is the blogger behind Growing in Jersey City and when she mentioned a crème brûlée trio from Light Horse Tavern, I immediately put it on my To Try list. 

19) Erin - Erin is a photographer who takes beautiful pictures of both food and Jersey City and I loved finding out that she has a Jersey City coloring book coming out - just like I love looking at her photo of Renato's pizza. 
Photo courtesy of Erin
18) Michael - I've become a big fan of Wurstbar, so it was nice to hear from another fan and I also love that he has a website tracking food trucks throughout New York. 

17) Charis - Look at this picture of the lamb chops she recommended from Dolma. Enough said. 
Photo courtesy of Charis

16) Becca - She recommended the Gramigna con Salsiccia from Roman Nose, described as "homemade pasta, fennel-pork sausage and rosemary cream sauce" which sounds amazing and is a dish I somehow never noticed, but not for much longer

15) Sam - All of her favorite places are excellent picks, not overly fussy, just reliably great food which I think is what we're all actually looking for most of the time. These are the places I'd recommend to a neighbor. Plus, tacos. 

14) John - John was one of the first people to reach out to me about being profiled and he came through with some excellent vegetarian picks from all around town including the excellent tofu wings from LITM and Whealth. 
Photo courtesy of John

13) Patty - A fellow food adventurer, Patty mentioned some great spots in the Heights that show how it can be perfect for destination dining and she made her wish for pupusas public which led to an answer!

12) Jerome - Besides having one of my favorite profile pictures, Jerome made a great case for heading to O'Leary's on "cheat days" and his and his wife Lorna's recommendation helped get me to visit The Citizen for their fantastic wings sooner rather than later which apparently is a good thing since they've temporarily closed their doors. 
Photo courtesy of Jerome

11) Jahnia - Jahnia's was one of my personal favorite profiles. Not only did I get to discover her fascinating photography (I check her tumblr regularly now), but she really focused on a lot of the smaller restaurants and food finds throughout the city - reminding me to do so more often as well. 

Photo courtesy of Jahnia

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far and check back next week to rediscover JC Eaters 1-10! 

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