Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dullboy for Sale

After hearing rumors swirl for months, it appears Dullboy is officially for sale - or possibly even already sold.

Earlier today, the owners of Orale MK reached out to let me know that while Dullboy had been up for sale, it has now been taken off the market and instead, they have formed a new partnership with Dullboy owner Brian Dowling. Orale will come on board as menu consultants and will help manage the kitchen at Dullboy.

Gabriel Rieben, who's been the head of the mixology program at Dullboy to much acclaim since it started, is staying on board and it will remain Dullboy - just with some kitchen updates courtesy of the team at Orale. They hope to be able to present the new menu by early to mid March.

Known for their excellent craft cocktails and indulgent bar menu, Dullboy has been a local favorite since it opened in 2015. Recently, they announced they were doing some reorganizing and were changing up the menu so would only be serving cocktails, no food, encouraging the rumors of a sale.

And that's not all - it appears the other Dowling businesses are also up for sale. The Draper shuttered early last year and was listed for $450,000 including the liquor license but nothing seemed to develop and after months of sitting empty, this sign was recently put up in the window indicating it's being relisted.

Add in this flyer at a local realty office, the same where The Draper was first listed, and this post online naming four properties being sold in Jersey City and Hoboken with two on Grove Street, it would appear that not just Dullboy and The Draper are on the market, but most likely Park & Sixth and a possible fourth location as well. There is conflicting information as far as pricing, sizing, and sale vs. lease, but the properties all do seem to be available.

Park & Sixth was originally located at 364 Grove Street after moving from Hoboken, but outgrew the space fairly quickly and moved further down the block to a larger space at 279 Grove Street. However, the business hasn't remained as constant there and it's been rumored Brian Dowling, the owner of Dullboy, The Draper, and Park & Sixth, has wanted to get out for a while.

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