Friday, January 12, 2018

Hidden Grounds Now Open

Hidden Grounds launched the soft open of their new Jersey City space at 148 1st Street last week.With two locations in New Brunswick, Hidden Grounds has quickly gained a devoted following since it opened in 2013 with their attention to detail, style aesthetics, high quality coffee and unique offerings like their specialty chai teas.

The space is a little off the beaten path between Marin and Provost inside The Art House building, but once you find it, the space opens into into a relaxing, intimate space that is welcoming but also ideal for finding some peace and quiet. Although seating is somewhat limited, there are a couple of tables, a beautiful sofa, and bench seating running along one wall so staying in is definitely an option.

Right now, Hidden Grounds is in their soft opening phase so they're only offering their coffee/tea menu (which is quite extensive), but they haven't yet started serving food to order other than a small selection of baked goods like their vegan chai cookie, a red velvet cookie, and a couple of different spiced breads including a rich banana-walnut chai. Once they start their food menu, they'll be offering hot, freshly made items like egg sandwiches, housemade biscuits, bagels and more.

Over the course of my visits, I've had both their coffee which was very balanced and well-roasted (not burnt) and their saffron chai which came topped with chopped pistachios and was one of the best cups of chai I've had. The saffron was very mild and complemented the warm, spiced sweetness of the tea. Prices are on the higher side - expect to spend around $4-6 per drink - but pretty close in line to other coffee shops in the area and a lot of time and care goes into creating their products.

They are still settling in and getting into the swing of things, but Hidden Grounds plans to celebrate their Grand Opening on January 22nd. Stop in to welcome them to the neighborhood and try their unique offerings for yourself.

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