Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Sunday 2018 - Who's Open and Who's Closed

Happy Easter Jersey City! Here's who's open and who's closed:

Grind Coffee
Wurstbar is open with normal hours all day
Pasta Dal Cuore
Milk Sugar Love
Prato Bakery
Cocoa Bakery will be open from 9am-4pm only
Harry's Daughter
Latham House
Choc O Pain Bakery
Hamilton Pork
Hamilton Inn
Hooked JC
The Hutton
Satis Bistro will be at brunch from 11am-3pm and dinner from 5pm-9pm
Second Street Bakery will be open until 12:30pm
Corgi Spirits
La Unica Bakery
Sugartown Bakery
Mathews Food and Drink
Tea NJ
Hudson Hall
South House
Pasta e Vino
Brightside Tavern is open from 1:30p-4:30pm
Ani Ramen
Hard Grove Cafe
Fox and Crow
White Star - both location

Third & Vine will be closed both Sunday and Monday
Sam a.m.
Ozu Foods
Piggyback Bar
Gino's Pizza
Departed Soles
Broa Cafe

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