Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Baonanas Update and Kickstarter

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Yesterday, Baonanas wrote a blog post detailing how far their small business has come over the past couple of years and especially over the past year, their first official year in business. They've grown a huge amount and it's both endearing and inspiring to hear their story from their side.

If you're not familiar with Baonanas, it's a banana pudding desserterie run by Jersey City couple Trish and Lloyd who initially started making baonanas as a fundraiser after a minor car accident, but after seeing the overwhelming response, turned it into a business while still in college. In that short time, they've started selling at markets all over Jersey City, partnered with specialty retailers throughout Jersey City, Bayonne, Hoboken, and Rahway, and have been a prominent vendor at Brooklyn market Smorgasburg which led to mentions by Buzzfeed and Business Insider.  They will also be at the NYC Wine & Food Festival for the first time this Friday.

What makes the pudding so unique and so popular can be boiled down to three things:
  1. The flavors which go far beyond "just" banana pudding - mango, lychee rose, french toast, matcha and espresso oreo are just a few of the favorites you can find them selling (including some vegan versions) and they're always working on more.
  2. The texture - Baonanas' version of traditional banana pudding is almost unbelievably fluffy, packed with flavor, but far from dense, and will completely change your understanding of what pudding can be.
  3. The enthusiasm and dedication from the founders - above all, the determination and excitement Lloyd and Trish, as well as their whole team, show about what they're doing makes it easy to be excited right along with them. 
It's also just flat-out delicious.

Recently, Baonanas launched a Kickstarter to help them move into a bigger kitchen (possibly with some kind of storefront!), upgrade their #baomobile, and improve the quality and reliability of their equipment. They've had a hard time getting traditional loans because of their age, but in the meantime, their business is growing incredibly quickly and they need to keep up with demand -especially since all their pudding is handmade in small batches. Make sure to check out the blog and their Kickstarter to learn more of their story.

FYI, if you miss them at the markets, they also deliver through FastBoy.

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