Friday, October 21, 2016

All About the Midnight Market

A new event, Midnight Market, is coming to Jersey City!  Find out when, what to expect, and where to eat. 

What: A night market or night bazaar is a street market which operates at night and is generally dedicated to more leisurely strolling, shopping, and eating than more businesslike day markets. Midnight Market is taking the traditional night market concept and adapting it for Jersey City, complete with a DJ, dancing, and waterfront views. 

When: Friday, November 4th from 6:30pm-midnight

Where: The Mack-Cali Harborside Atrium, 210 Hudson Street 
photo shared by Midnight Market
How It Works: Think in 5s. The entry fee is $5/person and all food inside from the approximately 10-15 vendors will be $5 and under. The bar will also be offering $5 specials all night and if you need it, $5 parking is available. Once you pay the entry fee, you come in, buy some food and drinks, enjoy the old school 90s tunes, dance, have fun, and repeat all over again. Everything is cash only. 

The market is offering prepurchase tickets for an additional $1.50, making your total cost (including fees) $6.51 for the ticket which also includes glow stick accessories and preferred entry so you can beat the wait. 

In addition, you can be part of the Pay It Forward campaign where you or you and a group of friends pay $150 to cover the cost of a vendor's participation fee. In return, you get credited, get some extra perks, and the knowledge you helped bring some great vendors to the market and kept their prices low, creating a better community event. Current Pay-It-Forward sponsors include Cast Iron Lofts, The Hudson Kitchen, Village West Gallery, and Bloomsbury Square. If you're interested, contact the organizers

and most importantly....
What to Eat: There will be a ton of great vendors there from Jersey City and beyond, including several new faces. The line-up is subject to change, but for now you can expect:

From Jersey City:
Taste of Poland - stuffed cabbage and other Polish specialties
House of Gains - protein based bites and some vegetarian options
Baonanas - light and fluffy banana pudding
Cholita Paletas - popsicles inspired by traditional Spanish paletas with modern flavors
Me Casa - Puerto Rican inspired specialties including the debut of some new menu items!
Grandma Downtown - specialty pierogies like taylor ham and cheese, bacon & 3 alarm cheddar, mushroom, and potato & cheese. 
Garden Steaks - mini steak sandwiches and apple cider
Modern Banh - modern take on street food style halal chicken and rice bowls
But-A-Cake - layered dessert jars
Grandma Downtown Habanero Chicken Roll
Other vendors:
Kimchi Smoke - Korean BBQ tacos from one of the best rated trucks and BBQ spots around
Waffle It and Co - traditional liege waffles with toppings
Om Sweet Home - vegan and gluten-free desserts from Hoboken. 
Munchies by Antonio - Venezuelan street food like arepas, specialty hot dogs, and more.
Jae NYC - gourmet twinkies including Halo Halo flavors
Joon - a vendor from the Queens Night Market offering Persian/Middle Eastern stew and crispy rice
How She Snow - Taiwanese shaved ice
Waffle It & Co

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