Thursday, December 8, 2016

Andrea Salumeria Wins Best NJ Sub Shop

Yesterday, Jersey City's own Andrea Salumeria, was named NJ's Best Sub/Hoagie Shop by Pete Genovese of after an exhaustive search throughout the state that originally started with over 350 nominees.

New Jersey, and specifically Jersey City, seems to have no shortage of great sandwich shops but Andrea Salumeria, 247 Central Ave, has long stood out as one of the best, especially to our local community. Opened in 1975 by Andrea Scivetti and owned and operated today by his nephew, Pete Soriano, the shop is tiny, incredibly well-stocked, and has a family feel.

On any given day, you can walk in and likely find a customer that's been going there since childhood. The workers, mainly made up of people from the area, know customer names and ask after their families, I've seen former employees walk in and it's like a mini-family reunion. It's these qualities, as well as the delicious, fresh food and made-in-house mozzarella, that really set this shop apart.

Wondering what to get when you go to check it out for yourself?  My two biggest recommendations here are the Soprano sandwich and Pete's Special Tuna, which I named one of my favorite things I'd ever eaten in Jersey City during my first year of blogging. During cold weather months, they also offer soup as well as variety of imported goods year-round. Don't forget to add a couple cannoli to your order - they fill them fresh at the time of order.

Well-deserved congratulations to Pete and everyone at Andrea Salumeria.

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