Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday Feature: Alcapurias from ME Casa

Welcome to weekly series,"Friday Feature"! The first Friday of every month will continue to be "Get to Know JC Eater" showcasing a local resident and their recommendations, but on all other Fridays, a specific dish or food find from around Jersey City will be featured on the blog.

This week, the Friday Feature is about the alcapurias from ME Casa, available both in the restaurant and on the trucks under the appetizer section (although I've certainly made a meal out of them). 

Made with mashed green banana stuffed with beef picadillo, the alcuaurias have quickly proven themselves to be addictive. The outside is similar to one of their most popular dishes, the mofongo, but is fried, creating a shatteringly crisp exterior that breaks to reveal a thin layer of incredibly soft, creamy, and fluffy mashed banana that melts in your mouth, giving way to the rich, peppery, stewed ground beef interior. 

It's layer after layer of flavor, creating an incredibly satisfying bite and while it's more than delicious on its own, adding a drizzle or two of the green money sauce amps up the heat. The alcapurias have become one of my favorite dishes from ME Casa and are a great representation of so many of the flavors that feature in their menu and are a great snack/appetizer/entree/any reason at all option.

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