Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Feature: Ahri's Kitchen Bone In Short Rib Soup

Welcome to a new weekly series,"Friday Feature"! The first Friday of every month will continue to be "Get to Know JC Eater" showcasing a local resident and their recommendations, but on all other Fridays, a specific dish or food find from around Jersey City will be featured on the blog.

This week's Friday Feature is Galbitang, a traditional Korean bone-in short rib soup from Ahri's Kitchen.

Offered only during the late fall and winter, this soup is prized for its heartiness as well as its clear, non-cloudy broth that comes from a long cooking time and repeated filtering. It's a time-consuming process that creates a rich and flavorful soup complete with tender beef, glass noodles, scallions, and daikon and served with a side of rice.

The short ribs can be a bit of challenge to eat, short of picking them up out of the soup and gnawing on them (although you'd be forgiven by anyone who's tasted them), but the effort is worth it for the tender bits of shredded meat that provide a satisfying chew while simultaneously melting in your mouth. The glass noodles and additional rice are tasty in their own right, but are really just vehicles for the broth which is the real star of the show.

The incredible, pure beefiness of the broth is unique and what sets this dish apart. It's rich with an almost velvety feel from the fattiness of the short ribs, hearty without being overwhelming, and perfect for cold, windy days when you feel like you can't get warm.

At $17, it's not the cheapest bowl of soup, but it is very filling. I didn't use much of the rice served alongside and still didn't quite finish. As we head into colder weather and snowy days, stop by Ahri's Kitchen to try it out and warm up.

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