Saturday, December 31, 2016

Top 4 New Restaurants in 2016

Over the past year, Jersey City saw more than thirty new restaurants and cafes open their doors. Some sky-rocketed in popularity while others didn't last the year, but at the very least there's been a lot to try. Here are the Top Four New Restaurants of 2016:

(In No Particular Order)
  • Wurstbar, 516 Jersey Avenue - Since opening over the summer, Wurstbar has helped elevate the level of craft beer drinking in Jersey City. They're also putting together some of the most creative, fun, and tasty bar food out there including a late night poutine menu, a list of signature sausage creations, and weekly specials. Combine both of those with the relaxed, hang-out vibe and Wurstbar has become one of my favorite spots in Jersey City. 
  • Dulce De Leche Bakery, 376 Central Ave - Several months after opening, Dulce De Leche still continues to impress. The interior is beautiful and a large section is dedicated to the bakery counter which houses both sweet and savory goods ranging from quiches to churros, and all are freshly made and delicious. They also offer fresh juices, sandwiches, and more - and everything is more than reasonably priced. I consider Dulce De Leche a must-try and one of the best spots in Jersey City.
  • Cellar 335, 335 Newark - While I've encountered a couple of missteps at Cellar 335, I'm including it because it has one of the more interesting menus (both cocktails and food) in town with chefs who are willing to be adventurous and it's one of the few fusion concepts that really works. Some of the must-haves are the beef cheek bao, the spicy cornbread, and the tropical salad. 
  • Latham House, 299 Marin Blvd - Latham House is consistently impressive. Primarily known for their excellent brunch, the dinner menu is also delicious, both offering updated classics with homey touches. Housemade ingredients like the smoked corned beef and all the pastries and desserts help Latham House stand out and invite repeat visits. 
Make sure to check these places out if you haven't already and get ready for even more in 2017!


  1. Thank you, jceats! What a great 6 months it has been!
    xo Kris & Dan

    1. Thank you! You've been such a great addition to Jersey City.