Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hard Grove Cafe Update

It appears the long-awaited reopening of Hard Grove Cafe will continue to be long-awaited.

After closing down in 2014, downtown fixture Hard Grove Cafe was scheduled to reopen within a few months at 143 Newark Ave on the then-developing Restaurant Row, but was unable to do so after construction next door left the building structurally unsound. While initially they hoped to still be able to make some repairs and move in, that didn't work out and finally last summer, Hard Grove announced they were  moving to another location at 328 Montgomery Street. It also seems that at some point, they debated changing the name to Havana Mamma, but didn't change it in advertising and no updates have been made to the Havana Mamma Facebook page or website since 2015

In a December update, Hard Grove's Facebook page posted pictures of the ground-breaking ceremony and it appeared as though there were renovations in progress during a recent stop-by I made prior to the end of the year.

However, it now appears as though the same space is up for rent, according to this listing on JCity Realty. The listing is for $8,500/month and specifies it's for the restaurant space. There have been no updates from Hard Grove Cafe, and considering the difficulties they've faced over the past few years, it might be a while before we see anything further.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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